Changing things since 1975.

In 1975 Heiko Lappe founded intecplan and from the very beginning, he and his team have followed their own, independent philosophy. We don’t see ourselves simply as contractors but rather as champions of your interests.

Our core area of expertise is formed around engineering and the implementation of building technology and services but we in no way limit ourselves to this and are not afraid to think outside the box for you. A building’s technological systems are the key factor in determining whether it will simply be visually attractive or whether it will also be an ongoing financial success for its owners.

Being able to carefully examine, at the earliest stages of a project, the complex interactions that take place between a building’s architectural design and its various technological systems allows for the best possible recognition and implementation of optimisation potential. We seek out the rare and special kind of engineer who is capable of this and encourage the type of thinking that will maximize these advantages for builders and principals.

The sooner good ideas come to light, the more they can be used to your benefit; meaning that the best time to improve and optimize is at the very beginning of a project. That’s why it’s best to involve us in your planning as early as possible so that we are able to best serve and represent your interests.

We appoint one project manager who retains responsibility and full control from the first to the very last step in each project. Due to their broad yet deep inter-disciplinary knowledge, our project managers always serve as an informed, central interface for intecplan, our clients and the specialized firms involved in the project.

Facts and figures.

 owner-operated enterprise
 90 employees in Dusseldorf and Munich
more than 1,000 projects over 40 years

A few golden rules form a strong foundation for successful projects