Each of our projects is overseen by one experienced engineer in charge from start to finish.

They act as the central coordinator for all interaction between the technical trades and others involved in the building’s planning and construction.
They coordinate building phases and schedules while ensuring that the project’s various moving parts work together smoothly.

And why have we been doing things differently for decades?

Because it works better:

You always have just one project manager as your sole contact person.
Interaction is streamlined resulting in more efficient, effective communication.
You have an experienced guide at your side; one able to lead you swiftly and competently from start to finish.

We actively work to build a trusting relationship which serves to make your work easier. While many specialists often focus too heavily on one single aspect of a project, our engineers think as informed generalists with an in-depth overview of the entire situation and are able to recognize different courses of action that will lead to the best possible solutions. Your project is the manager’s project.

While overseeing timelines and the quality of work being done, the manager also keeps a close eye on expenses. And you can do the same – our engineering managers are always available for any questions you might have and are able to provide qualified, satisfying answers. This one aspect alone can be a major source of relief.







This is precisely what we provide.

A building’s technological systems and the role that they play throughout the entire property are among the most crucial yet most complicated elements involved in the construction of a new building. This fact and the pursuit of highly efficient structures with ever more complex demands are pushing planners and investors to their limits.

Our comprehensive planning and intelligent integration of these technical systems both guarantees optimized coordination and closes the gap between owners, management and planners as well.


We use more than just benchmarks to manage.

Our engineers have the skills necessary to plan and manage your project from the inside out. A typical coordinator looks at a project through the eyes of an auditor, making mere plausibility assessments. Our method goes beyond this, creating a stable foundation not only in the planning stages but throughout all ensuing steps in the process as well.

Our coordination strategies allow us and our partners to recognize all of the possible options available and to remain more highly informed during crucial planning phases. Our special brand of building services and project management allows you to make better, more qualified planning decisions earlier.

We give you the tools and technical support necessary to make informed decisions and thoroughly evaluate your planners’ proposals during each stage of planning and construction. Information is the key to success in any project or enterprise.








Greater benefits. Greater opportunity. Greater security for your project.

From the very beginning, we synchronize the interaction between all of a building’s technical service systems and integrate these, as a whole, into the object’s structural and architectural design. We apply a systematic approach to our process. It all begins with early, fundamental analysis so that we can create a solid foundation for all steps to follow. This allows us, and you, to recognize and evaluate all possible options and to be extremely well-informed during initial planning. The potential for optimisation is never again as great as at this point in time and is often the key to determining the success or failure of the entire enterprise. The holistic simulations we provide show the building and all of its systems, giving you the early advantage of knowing which benefits the various design options can provide.

Executed as intended.

What follows is preliminary planning forming a coherent, overall design for the technical systems as a whole. You’ll not only be aware of what we are doing but, more importantly, why and what it will cost. If needed, our building simulations are available during this phase for use as an extremely effective tool in defining and optimizing the interaction of all technical components and to calculate their cost-effectiveness. At this point, we decide together with you which technical path should be taken in order to best realize the goals you have set for your building project. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one: our integral planning method lets you know more quickly where you stand. This method aids us not only in securing approvals and permits for the project but also greatly improves the detailed planning phases as well.

The fact that we think and plan three dimensionally from the very start means that we are better than others in identifying and avoiding conflicts early. It is decidedly less difficult to deal with a problem if it is recognized early. We stand alongside you and supervise the building firms involved right up to smooth implementation of your project’s technical systems. The fact that we calculate the systems’ operating costs precisely as part of the planning phases means that you won’t be met with any nasty surprises. Our planning maxim is straightforward: “On time & Within Budget”.








Try, try, try again and get it right. But in the controlled environment of a simulation lab, not in the real world where all may be too late.

A project can be deemed successful when all of the building’s service components are finished on time, function perfectly and truly meet original predictions concerning investment and operating expense balances. Unfortunately, this is still the exception rather than the rule. Following completion of their building project, many owners complain of high energy consumption, rising operational costs or a general lack of comfort in their buildings.

This cannot be said of intecplan buildings.

We offer building simulations that test and identify what could happen in various scenarios long before ground is broken and construction begins. In contrast to conventional structural analyses, we simulate dynamic processes such as variable temperature and airflow scenarios. Whether for one critical area or for the entire building: our simulations provide early clarity concerning the factors which are truly important for successful operation of your property. We precisely calculate where and how you can save energy and expense.

This can also be of particular use when projects involve existing structures. We are able to develop and determine the best courses of action in a variety of scenarios: intelligent renovation or a new building altogether?

This all means that you will definitely know why you are doing something before you do it. Cutting costs, not corners, while gaining value and peace of mind.