Planning today for tomorrow

intecplan firmly believes in our responsibility to future generations. This is reflected of course in the things we build today. We need to remain aware of this constantly, particularly when dealing with properties which are to have a long life cycle. The questions surrounding how environmentally friendly a building truly is are not decided by today’s standards alone. These are answered by factors over the entire useful life of the building and, often, beyond.

Sustainability has therefore always been a key concern for intecplan and was so long before terms such as “green building” were ever coined. Keeping this at the core of all we do, we think of this term more comprehensively than most others do even today. We don’t simply ask, “What will it cost to build this one piece of property or how can we optimize energy use and operational expense?” We focus on the true “costs” of a property throughout its entire life cycle.

Initial construction costs make up only a small portion of this total. The majority of costs are those that are first incurred over the entire course of a building’s existence: energy consumption, deterioration, maintenance, the need for repairs or upgrades, removal or dismantling. This is where one learns whether planning and implementation were truly “sustainable” or if they simply produced short-term effects without long-term meaning.

Away From Mere Sustainability; Towards Lifecycle Strategies

We create buildings whose sustainability balance will not only be positive for people and the environment today but also tomorrow and until the end of their life cycle. To achieve this, we utilize high-quality, ecologically optimized building materials and implement long-lasting, state-of-the-art technology, renewable sources of energy along with careful, holistic planning. This is what we consider to be true sustainability and responsibility.

We ensure that a building’s engineered systems function not only smoothly and reliably but also with the greatest degree of energy efficiency. Our engineers develop solutions that are both environmentally friendly as well as economically well conceived and long lasting.
We provide state-of-the-art, natural energy concepts for heating, cooling or power supplies whenever it makes sense from both a technical and economical perspective.
We begin façade planning and optimisation as part of the earliest planning stages; generating important, early analysis to identify improvement potential. Our simulations and analyses are also excellent for the targeted correction of planning errors in existing structures as well.
We use precise physical measurements and structural calculations to implement optimized thermal insulation in new buildings as well as converted or renovated structures. Our planning methods ensure perfectly coordinated building technologies.