Revitalisation – a Future Proof, Economical Alternative

More and more people are coming to the realisation that it is often worth maintaining the core fabric of existing office or commercial buildings; that a strategy of renovation and conversion is often better than completely rebuilding from the ground up. This is especially true if the object is situated in a good location with potential for value appreciation. Revitalisation has proved to be a worthwhile alternative to the high planning efforts and costs involved in demolition and the construction of new buildings.
intecplan has many years of practical experience in this special field. Revitalisation involves reducing the buildings to their stable core and shell and then rebuilding around this using state-of-the-art façade and building services engineering. This saves not only valuable resources but also helps to conserve social values as well.
In terms of monetary expense, revitalisation often pays off as a result of shorter construction phases and lower planning and construction costs. Projects planned and executed by intecplan achieve the best ratings in terms of CO² emissions, energy efficiency, comfort and functionality. In the past it was believed that these were only possible in newly constructed buildings, but our use of more efficient building technologies and energy-saving processes for air conditioning, heating and ventilation has shown that these standards may also be implemented efficiently in revitalisation projects as well.

Image: Kuhlenwall-Karree Revitalisation Project, Duisburg

plus points which pay off

+ significantly shorter planning and implementation phases
+ lower construction costs resulting from the use of intact structural core
+ no land acquisition required
+ significant reduction of CO² emissions and resource consumption
+ use of state-of-the-art façade and building services engineering
+ retention of established locations with all of their advantages
+ increased value for investors, owners and residents