Technical Building Services

Buildings are meant to serve people: they are a place for creativity and communication; living, working and recreational spaces. All of these things are first possible when improved state-of-the-art building services and technologies have been implemented correctly.

To our mind, technology is of only of real benefit when it performs the many complex demands of a modern building in an unobtrusive, invisible manner. We make use of the most advanced planning and calculation processes such as holistic computer simulations in order to achieve optimized results. We have long years of experience refining and perfecting a wide array of building projects – from hospitals and laboratories to high-class hotels, residential buildings or museums, offices and manufacturing facilities.

Added value for any building project.

intecplan provides a wide array of services going far beyond those published by the HOAI, the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers in Germany. We use our own in-house specialists to plan, refine and manage:

gas, water, wastewater and fire extinguishing technology
heating systems
renewable energy technologies
ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems
electrical engineering
medical and laboratory technology
lifts and conveyor systems
kitchen technology
building automation