Each new building is a prototype.

The services we can provide do not end with specialist engineering expertise. Our many years of management experience in the construction sector have also taught us to skilfully handle all aspects of project management and comprehensive controlling services.
In doing so, we develop project workflows tailored to specific demands in terms of technology and public procurement law and manage these processes through to conclusion. Our specialists have extensive experience in a wider range of technical areas enabling them to streamline coordination channels efficiently and, ultimately, to steer your project to success.
We have simplified and accelerated the variety of coordination channels found in building projects, thereby greatly increasing transparency for everyone involved in complex, large-scale developments.

For each project, we appoint a single project manager who retains responsibility and full control from the first to the very last step. This manager’s comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledge enables them to oversee the entire project while answering any technical questions competently and swiftly.

Our services do not end until maintenance contracts have been concluded and detailed instruction on the operation of all systems has been provided. Our consistent and thorough project management results in reliable workflow scheduling and compliance with concluded agreements and contracts.

More security for complex projects.

The additional services we offer principals and planners provide significant added value and security to any project. Our services range from construction oversight and scheduling to project optimisation or cost controlling. We can also be involved in ongoing projects at any time to improve and optimize in order to achieve the highest degree of security, control and quality assurance. Our technical project management ensures that clients avoid delays and losses due to poor execution and oversight and that time-sensitive building projects are completed on schedule.